Voice of Friends - The Voice You Trust

Voice of Friends - The Voice You Trust

We offer you and your friends a FREE platform to share any kind of recommendations. You can recommend any place in the world and your recommendation will be shared with your friends and will be visible on your interactive Google Map.
Thanks to Voice of Friends - if you're travelling to a new place you already know what the best places are thanks to the recommendations you've received from your friends.
No need to look-up old emails, Whatsapp messages or Facebook posts.

Why do we do it?

Because we have faith in our friends, and that they know better than any advertiser what WE like. Usually it's not the companies that spend the most money on marketing that are the best companies. Usually, it's the smaller companies that offer great service and which love their work who are a better choice. That's why we love them and we hope you will like it too.

Read some of our testimonials

San Sebastian - The world of Tapas
We wanted to spend a great time over a weekend in San Sebastian, and were especially excited to explore the old town and its many tapas places. Our friends at home had told us about the best places but by the time we got there we couldn't remember the names, find the emails or couldn't find the street any more.
After our visit, we marked them on our map and shared them with all of our friends, so that when they go to San Sebastian they can ensure that they only visit the best places!
If you want to go....here is a secret..... "A Fuego Negro" was our favorite tapas place - with some of the best and most creative tapas we've ever tried. And not just in Sebastian, but all of Spain!
Try it and let us know if we disappointed you!

Wellness - What more you need?
Laura was looking for a place where she could enjoy a relaxing weekend in a peaceful area with great offers like beauty artist, massage, skin care and hair dresser so that after a long week she would find time for herself to fully recover from her stress. Earlier her friends recommended her places and by the time she wanted to go she couldn't find it anymore. Laura searched on the web and she saw all the nice places that spend a fortune on marketing budget. But does this also mean they deliver a great service?
Finally her very good friend Anna recommended to her via Voice of Friends a place that she visited herself few months ago and that she loved because of the GREAT treatment she received and the good balance between service, comfort and cost. Laura decided to trust her friend - as usual and she felt in love with this place. Wouldn't you trust your friends too?

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