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About Voice of Friends

Voice of Friends is a platform to share and find recommendations among friends.
- To help your friends To find the best places in town.
- To support great places that you like by recommending them
- Have a chance of receiving a Thank you voucher for each recommendation
Voice of Friends is FREE for you. We also will not sell your data to earn money.
We believe in great service. Therefore we hope that companies will offer great service to you so that you will recommend them to your friends. We believe that great companies will offer Welcome and Thank-You vouchers for you and your friends for these recommendations. In case the company plans to share Welcome vouchers it will be attached at the bottom of your recommendation and its completely up to you if you want to use the voucher or not. In case you will use the voucher your friend who recommended the company to you will receive a Thank-you voucher after your tried it. Voice of Friends will receive handling fee for each successful voucher.
Yes - we are working on the app and will share it with you once available. We are open for any suggestions and you can share it with us via
We believe that recommending is already a great feedback and not sharing it is also a clear feedback so at the moment we don't plan to capture additional reviews. If you want to share something specific about this place write it into the personal message to your friends so that they will be aware of it.
Yes - We are looking into the communication channels of Facebook, Whatsapp or twitter and we might share recommendations via other channels in future. Depending on the channel you would like to use you might need to share your phone number but only if you want. Whatever channel we offer - you can still chose the one that works best for you.
Please share your feedback with us directly ( and we will review it. Based on your complaint we might decide to delete all recommendations for this company.

How to use Voice of Friends

You an choose more than 100 million places that are listed on Google Maps that you can recommend. Simply type in the name or the combination of the city and the name and it will be shown on the map.
Yes - of course! We use Google Maps but in case you want to recommend a place that is not listed you can drag & drop the marker to the point you want to recommend and provide your name. Your friend will see exactly the location you want him to know.
We are working hard to keep the list up to date with registered companies. If it is a new company we might not have added it yet. Please send us a message and we will add it.
Please send us the details and we will add the company to our list.


We believe in friendship and that friends want to help each other. Therefore Voice of Friends is designed to work without vouchers. If a company works with Voice of Friends then you can receive a voucher if your friends recommend you this company. It also works the other way around: If you recommend this company and your friend follows your recommendation you will receive a Thank-you voucher.
But remember: A recommendation from a friends is gift enough. A voucher is just the cherry on top of it.
No. They recommend you this place because your friend believes that you will like it. If the company is participating in the Voice of Friends program your friend might receive a Thank-You voucher but only AFTER you have followed his recommendation and have used your Welcome Voucher. He will never receive any money as this can easily ruin your friendship.
The recommended company will define the voucher value. We recommend that companies offer you something special, but special does not mean unsustainable. Please do not expect ridiculously high discounts. Companies can only offer great service if they do it in a sustainable manner.
We believe in fair share and therefore you and your friends will always receive the same voucher value. Anything else might result in your friends "selling" you and we don't want to support that.
If you have received a voucher you just show it to the company staff during your visit.
After you shared the voucher code the company will check the validity and might ask you for your names to ensure it matches and nobody is trying to cheat.

Privacy & Cookies

We take privacy very seriously. As such, only you and your friends can see your personal recommendation. On the global map we will only show the recommended spot but nobody will ever know, who, when and why it was recommended.
No way! We believe that we all have enough emails like "Special deals", "Last Minute" or "Super Offer" in our inbox already. The only message you will receive from us are recommendations from your friends and Thank-You Vouchers for recommendations as well as required information about your account. Nothing else!
No - We believe in privacy and we will not sell or create any consumer profile about you.
No - we believe in direct private communication and your "wall" on other social networks already contains sufficient advertisement.
We believe in communication and sharing among friends. Everyone should know who is making them a recommendation. This will also help to prevent SPAM.
Because we want to prevent that somebody else would use your voucher. For you it would be easy to show a document with your full name but not for the person stealing your voucher.
You can request an email with a new password. Click here
Let us know and we can block your email address. You can then lift the block later on.
Yes - we use cookies and Google Analytics to better understand how users navigate on our website and how to improve your experience. We only aggregate the data with other users to prevent user specific analysis.
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