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Voice of Friends is your social network to recommend and share great places with your friends. Never forget a great place again and find them on your individual map!
Never forget a good recommendation again
Help your friends find the best places in town and receive recommendations about the best places from your friends
Find all the great places your friends recommended on your map.
Find great places on your map - they're just a mouse click away and it's easy to find what you're looking for.
Private communication between you and your friends
Receive recommendations about the best places in town from a source you trust: Your friends!
Full privacy and ZERO SPAM.
Of course: It's free!
You only get messages if your friends send you one.



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"Our friends recommended us the BEST tapas place in San Sebastian and now with Voice of Friends we'll never forget it!"

"I shared the best hair dresser in Berlin with my friend and she was soooo thankful!"

"My friends always recommend me places but thanks to Voice of Friends I'm not going to forget them anymore."

"I like to go out spontaneously and discover new place. With Voice of Friends I can see all of the places that my friends have already tried.
Depending on my mood I might like to try something new and tell my friends if they're good. Or if I'm just looking for something safe and excellent I can look on my map and find one that my friends already recommended to me."

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